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Biodynamic CranioSacral therapy(BCST)

BCST is a gentle non-invasive touch therapy. It empowers the innate intelligence of a Human being which thereby helps the clients body, mind and the consciousness to take the right action to repair rejuvenate and recover to the original health in the system.

How it works

The therapist is trained to touch and listen the various expression of health in both physical and subtle level. With the neutral presence and balanced awareness of the therapist the client’s system resonates and dive into a deeper level where it identifies the inherent treatment plan and prioritise it and takes necessary action from physical level mental level and work on the root cause of it to. Hence BCST is often referred as a client lead therapy. A session will last for approximately 45 minutes.

For whom?

As mentioned above it is important to work beyond physical level so it is effective in healing and restoring all types of ailments. BCST take a holistic approach to restore the health in physical, mental and spirit level, boost the potency and life force in any individual. So its universal anybody can take a session. According to WHO 95% disease are created by the mind(Pshychosomatic). Healing the body alone is insufficient. However it gives wonderful results in the following ailments:- -


Spine Care Stress
Back pain Joint disorders
Sprain Ligament Damage
Migraine Sinusitis
TMJ Pain due to Dental works
Improves immunity Hormonal balance
Muscular pain Nervous disorders
Sciatica Insomnia
Depression ADHD
Trauma Abuse
Emotional issues Exhaustion
Postnatal depression Birth trauma
Morning sickness Clarity in Mind

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