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Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy (BCST)

BCST is a gentle touch therapy which helps you to restore and integrate your health  on physical, emotional and spiritual level by its own self healing intelligence.

Hari Shri Wellness offers CranioSacral therapy and we have helped our clients relieve from musculoskeletal issues like severe knee pain, shoulder pain, sciatica and neck pain, shoulder injuries, back pain,  improved sleep quality, handle difficult emotions, stress, anxiety, depression and relief from trauma. 

Human body has evolved over a billion of years and the knowledge of creating a human body is still within you. Body’s intelligence can make every drug that your body needs and act as a Doctor for you, by you and treat you without side effects. We help you to get in touch with that intelligence in your body through CranioSacral therapy.

About Us

What a gentle touch can do?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy(BCST) is a gentle non invasive, holistic touch therapy which helps a person to restore and integrate health physically, emotionally and spiritually through gentle touch. Our body and body’s intelligence is constantly striving to be more healthy. When you got a cut wound its healing on its own and when you eat something that doesn’t suit your body, the body tries to eliminate as fast as possible. Similarly the body is capable of dealing with all physical and mental ailments.  

BCST enhances and supports this natural ability to self heal, through a gentle touch, non judgemental presence, mindfulness and relational field. The therapy helps you to relax and creates a balance in your sympathetic/para-sympathetic nervous system which helps the body to repair and revive.Your body gets more relaxed, breath slows down, the fluid in the system get balanced (CranioSacral Fluid, lymphatic system, circulation, hormonal secretion), stress and strain in the musculoskeletal system gets released(tissues, muscles, fascia, tendons, nerves, connective tissues) .

What happens in a session ?

The client will be lying down comfortably on a therapy table fully clothed,  the therapist will be starts the session gently touching  the feet and then different places in the CranioSacral system or any part of the body which needs to be facilitated. The duration of the therapy is 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Human body has evolved over billions of years and it has that knowledge an inbuilt wisdom/intelligence, your body is created from a single cell based with the help of this wisdom and, have designed you as uniquely as you. You have access to this intelligence and it can take you back to the original health. Hari Shri Wellness offer you CranioSacral therapy which helps you tap this innate intelligence/wisdom within you and restore to the original health. Every individual is healthy, when the restricted health is addressed(listened though touch) and released, lots of potency is released along with it, which makes you feel more energetic, alive and lighter and enable to lead a pain free, stress free life. Human touch is the first sensation we experienced as we are born.

Haridas R, Proprietor, Hari Shri Wellness Clinic

CST is a Holistic Therapy


On physical level the therapy works to reorient the body to health. The therapist focus more on health, which helps the body to decompress central nervous system, bring balance between the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digestion state) and sympathetic nervous system (fight of flight state), release the tension and pain in the musculoskeletal system ( tissues, muscles, nerves, fascia & bones). It also helps regulating the fluids of the body by balancing the CSF flow, drain the lymphatic fluids, circulation and regulating the hormones.


Often called as a silent psychotherapy, CST is a wonderful tool to work with depression, all types of deep rooted trauma, stress and anxiety. Body and mind are not separate entity, they are inter related. Almost all disease in body have a psychosomatic root. CST also brings clarity in mind, deep relaxation, improves quality of sleep, improve energy level, mindfulness. It can help release all types of trauma stored in the system. Regulates the stress hormones and help in the overall wellbeing.


Craniosacral therapy session is connecting you more to the SELF, deepening the experience of the body(embodiment), increases the body awareness(mindfulness), by reducing the stress it aids you to get in touch with the body’s innate wisdom & intelligence. Thus regularly taking therapy will help you getting in touch with the body’s innate wisdom & intelligence. Your body is the most important tool tangible to work easily to enhance the quality of life. Your body has all the information that is needed.


Hairline Knee Ligament Tear

Chhavi Dhingra, Manager Capacity – Building,
WRI India – Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

As fate would have it, I was back in a few days, this time with a hairline knee ligament tear. Doctors had asked me to wait it out, cut down on exercise and generally find ways to delay/avoid a surgery. This made me quite unhappy as I was not willing to let go of my exercise regime and to put on extra kilos. It took me only 3 sessions with Hari

Severe Tailbone pain reduced almost 40% in one session

Home Maker, Mumbai

The first time I went to Hari I didn’t know what this therapy was at all I knew that I was in very bad pain and I needed a solution. During my first session with Hari, I was very impatient to even talk, I was in no mood to discuss the medical history etc., I requested to start the session ASAP. But what followed after the session was wonderful…

Knee Injury

Neha Ahuja
Founder, Kaashi Wellness

I had met with an injury in Toronto, the physiotherapist had said I would take at least 8 sessions to be able to walk, Hari offered me a session & I was wonderstruck, I healed on one session, I feel normal the whole day goes by without any pain, thank you Hari. My knee got healed in the first session

Back pain

Ajay Rastogi
Co-Founder & CEO at Pingal Technologies Private Limited

I recently visited the Hari Shri Wellness clinic to help me manage the lower back pain,  which was nagging me for some time. I have a desk job and I need to sit for long periods of time at a stretch. I took a few weekly sessions and it helped me tremendously to come out of the recurring pain with deep relaxation for body and mind. HariShri is clean and peaceful for treatments with professionally and punctually conducted sessions.

How BCST works

The craniosacral system consists of the brain, the protective membranes of the brain, spinal cord, the craniosacral fluid, spine (vertebrae and sacrum). The craniosacral system has a natural rhythm and it is expressed throughout the body.  The therapist is trained to perceive the Craniosacral rhythm, its quality, its state by the gentle touch and helps to regulate it. If there is any disease or restriction it affects the rhythm. The support offered by therapist are:

  • Gentle touch and non judgemental listening
  • Mindfulness 
  • Knowledge about the human body
  • Perceptive skills
  • Relational field 

This non judgmental presence is very powerful, in this therapeutic field the client’s the social nervous system(which senses the environment and alerts the autonomic nervous system about safety and danger) helps the body to feel safe and bring a balance in the parasympathetic nervous system(parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for rest, repair digest and revival, without which healing cannot happen). This when combined with innate body intelligence, and the perceptive skills of the therapist  helps the client system to take the right action and lead a self healing process which have a profound effect in both body and mind. The therapist act as a facilitator to the clients body and the client’s body intelligence leads the therapy.

Services rendered in

Hari Shri Wellness

Neck & Spine issues

An effective therapy to help neck, spine and joint pain. It helped may people in recovering faster and completely in disc injury, neck and shoulder pain,

Musculoskeletal issues

Craniosacral therapy has impact on releasing stress and fatigue in the tissues, muscles, nerves, fascia  and bones. Thus had helped people having chronic fatigue fibromyalgia and sciatica. People who had head, neck and other injuries are able to recover quickly with the support of CST.

Migraine, Sciatica & Insomnia

The Session helps to decompress the Central nervous system thus brings relief in migraine, headache, sciatica, it often improve the quality of the sleep, recover fast from Jet-lag,    .

Stress & Depression

The power of non judgemental listening and by balancing the sympathetic mode in our Central nervous system the stress hormones are reduced and creates well being.

Trauma Relief

Trauma due to severe injuries, relationship & financial issues, abuse or the repeated day to day struggle to live often leaves deep trauma stored in the body and mind. Most illness has its root as stress & trauma. CST helps the client to release these deep imprints from you & resulting into over all well being.

Mind & Soul

Craniosacral therapy session is connecting you more to the SELF, deepening the experience of the body awareness(embodiment),  awareness of mind(mindfulness), by reducing the stress it aids you to get in touch with the body’s innate wisdom & intelligence.

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Favorite quotes

The 5 senses and thinking ability are all present in consciousness. So each cell of the body has the potential ability to perform all the functions of the senses. When someone says something; you are all ears, you are listening from every cell of your body. There is the expression “looking from a 1000 eyes”; one is all eyes. All cells are made of the same tissue, each DNA has the ability of all functions of the body

― Sri Sri Ravishankar

Go deep – means to contact the hidden blueprint of intelligence and change it—only then can visualization of fighting cancer, for example, be strong enough to defeat the disease. But most people cannot do that; their thought power is too weak to trigger the appropriate mechanisms.

― Deepak Chopra

“Your brain does not manufacture thoughts. Your thoughts shape neural networks.” 

― Deepak Chopra

Go deep – means to contact the hidden blueprint of intelligence and change it—only then can visualization of fighting cancer, for example, be strong enough to defeat the disease. But most people cannot do that; their thought power is too weak to trigger the appropriate mechanisms.

― Deepak Chopra

When someone else makes a mistake, it is their responsibility to correct it, but it is your responsibility to handle how you feel about it.

― Deepak Chopra

In your true nature, you are free the moment you see it’s not in you. If you have a pain, observe it’s happening in the body. If there is tightness or joy in your mind, observe that it is tight, sad, unhappy or happy. Just observe that you are not enjoying, and it is happening elsewhere, as though it is happening elsewhere

― Sri Sri Ravishankar

What alternative medicines call as “Body intelligence” is “Cosmic Intelligence”, Cosmic intelligence is the inner guru who works to awaken our internal Wisdom.

Individual intelligence grows through aligning itself with cosmic intelligence that is its source. This happens not by mere study of books, but by studying nature and, above all, by observing oneself.

― David Frawley

A human body is an exquisite pharmacy it makes every drug that a drug company makes, in better quality, at the right dose, to the right target organ with no side effects, definitely cheaper, you have access to it anytime and all the instruction are there in the packaging. Its evolved over billions of years.

-Deepak Chopra

How to get in touch with the deeper intelligence of your body?

Gift yourself a 45 minutes session of CST